Exposure Tracker

The Intelex Exposure Tracker maintains an accurate record of potential and confirmed exposures across locations and identifies elevated areas of risk to deliver more effective mitigation and control. All exposures are centralized, tracked and reported from a single system of record that is easily accessible to everyone in the organization.

  • Track worker exposure to toxins, viruses and other health hazards
  • Trace direct and indirect contacts
  • View real-time reports and dashboards
  • Keep all exposure and worker data secure and private
Exposure Tracker

Intelex Exposure Tracker Reduces Risk to Workers

Intelex Exposure Tracker tracks exposures to health hazards in the workplace to
mitigate the risk to your employees, your business and your customers.

Intelex Exposure Tracker
Mitigate Exposure Risk
Maintain an accurate record of potential and confirmed exposures across all locations so you can confidently pinpoint elevated areas of risk for more effective mitigation and control.

Key Exposure Tracker Features

Enable full lifecycle management of exposure tracking and tracing within the workplace
to protect employee health and safety while minimizing operational and business risk.

Exposure Tracker - Centralize Exposure Risk Tracking

Centralize Exposure Risk Tracking

Centralize all exposure data into a single, secure system of record to simplify exposure tracking in individual facilities, within specific regions or at the global level.

Exposure Tracking is a Key Element of EHS

Link Intelex Exposure Tracker to other Intelex platform applications for more advanced risk mitigation.

Exposure Tracker
Track, Report & Comply

Reduce the administrative burden of compliance and EHSQ program management.

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  • The ability for someone to capture data at the time and be able to then rely that it will automatically sync up in the future is a huge benefit for us.

    All Hands and Hearts
  • The Intelex platform allows us to analyze EHS metrics in real time and respond more quickly to positively influence future events.

    Scott Gerard
    Vice President, EHS
  • [Metso gained the…] Ability to effectively monitor safety incidents and practices across locations having rolled out the Intelex Safety Management System.

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Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
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