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ESG and EHS – Why and How an EHS Professional’s Job is About to Change

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is all the rage. Whether its attention from investors that see ESG metrics as innovative risk indicators, attention from organizations that want to benchmark ESG performance against peers, or attention from consumers that want to use ESG data to inform purchase behaviors, the ability to collect, report, and improve ESG metrics will be a hallmark of leading businesses in the 2020s and beyond.

So why should EHS professionals pay attention? Because a significant portion of the ESG data that so many stakeholders are after will come directly from the EHS Department. Even more importantly, a significant burden of the responsibility for improving ESG performance will come from the EHS Department. This increasing spotlight on the role will equate to multiple material changes in tactical job requirements, executive visibility, organizational influence. Are you ready to embrace and take advantage of this change?

Please join Intelex’s Trevor Bronson, Strategic Development Manager, and Michael Tuohy, VP of Environment and Sustainability to learn all about the emergence of ESG and what it means for EHS professionals moving forward. Key learning outcomes:

• What ESG is and what it isn’t
• Why ESG has emerged as such a hot topic in the corporate world
• How ESG will materially change the role an EHS professional
• Tactical and managerial changes EHS professionals should expect to make in the wake of ESG to position themselves and their business for success

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