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Using Computer Vision and AI to Maximize Your EHS Team’s Efficiency

In 2023, businesses around the globe are being asked to do more with less. This efficiency mandate is nothing new for safety professionals though – they know the struggle of maximizing impact with minimal resources. They also know that one of the best ways to maximize impact is to be present where workers directly encounter risk, but it’s impossible to be everywhere at once… right? Wrong.

Watch this session from Intelex, Protex AI, and Summit EHSQ, to learn how computer vision, AI, and EHS software can transform your existing CCTV infrastructure into hyper-vigilant, low-cost safety professionals. You will learn:

  • How Protex AI’s technology can make safety teams more proactive and efficient
  • How Protex + Intelex facilitates continuous and scalable risk mitigation strategies
  • A live demonstration of the tools in action, presented by Summit EHSQ


Trevor Bronson, Director of Portfolio Strategy Intelex
Dan Hobbs, CEO at Protex AI
Dave McLean, Managing Partner – Summit EHSQ

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