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The Quality 4.0 Revolution: Reveal Hidden Insights Now with Data Science and Machine Learning

Industry 4.0, Cyber-Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Big Data. What do all these buzzwords mean? How are they related? How they can support quality and process improvements for companies of all sizes?

The cornerstone is data. Collecting and storing data is easy, but using it to generate actionable insights can be more of a challenge — especially in quality, which requires substantial domain expertise and hands-on experience with products and processes. How can you introduce new technologies to generate actionable insights and create value in your organization… in a cost-effective way?

This webinar takes a look at practical problem-solving in quality management and engineering from the perspective of data science and machine learning. Whether you’re a manager interested in business value or an engineer interested in learning new approaches, this webinar will help you:

  • Understand what Quality 4.0 is and the value propositions it presents.
  • Identify the types of problems to which you can apply these new methods in your organization.
  • Explain how these technologies support engagement and collaboration to promote a connected and empowered workforce.
  • Explore ways to incorporate data science and machine learning into your work, whether you are drowning in data or just starting your digital transformation.

Performance innovation using connected, automated, intelligent systems presents opportunities for all of us. Start learning how to apply them to make processes more efficient and effective, save time and money, and produce better products more consistently.


Nicole Radziwill is a quality manager and data scientist with more than 20 years leadership experience in software, telecommunications, research infrastructure, and higher education. Prior to joining Intelex, she was an associate professor of data science and production systems at James Madison University, Assistant Director for End to End Operations at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), managed software product development for the Green Bank Observatory (GBO), and managed client engagements for Nortel Networks and Clarify (CRM). She is an ASQ-certified manager of operational excellence (CMQ/OE), an ASQ-certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB), and contributed to the development of ISO 26000—“Guidance on Social Responsibility.”

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