Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Climate and Carbon Management Software

From performing your first carbon footprint assessment to achieving net-zero emissions, Intelex is ready to help with your carbon management needs. Let our best-in-class emissions calculation tool and reporting engine help you meet and exceed your climate goals.

  • Experience emissions management at the asset level.
  • Simplify the collection of all climate and carbon-related data.
  • Benefit from a comprehensive, auto-updating emissions factor library.
  • Participate in a variety of climate disclosure frameworks.
Climate and Carbon Management Software

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Confidently show stakeholders that your business operates with the planet and environment in mind.
With Intelex, you can save time managing your climate projects, tracking and calculating data and
other operational tasks so that you can focus on achieving your reduction goals.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact
Systematically define and track your GHG targets 

Intelex's Carbon Management Software enables you to efficiently create climate change programs and define your emission reduction goals. With a single source of truth for all your GHG (greenhouse gases) projects, Intelex makes it easy for your cross-functional teams to contribute to these projects and quantify and track performance against your goals in real-time.

End-to-End Carbon Management Platform

Manage the entire carbon management workflow with ease: data collection, analysis, reporting and tracking performance for your carbon reduction and net-zero pathways.

Easily integrate internal and external data

Easily integrate internal and external data

Flexibility to connect data from many disparate systems – either external such as utility data providers or internal such as finance, HR, ERP and others – to provide a single-use platform for ESG and carbon reporting.

Additional Solutions Supporting Climate and Carbon Management

Additional Solutions Supporting Climate and Carbon Management

Emissions calculations are made easily and accurately with Intelex's solutions, which allow you to automatically fetch data from the source.

Intelex Assets and Compliance Tracking System

A comprehensive, cloud-based environmental management information system (EMIS) that ensures compliance, increases visibility and simplifies the management of air emissions, water quality metrics, soil contamination and hazardous-waste tracking across your entire organization.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

What does carbon footprint mean?

Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization or a product.

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Companies that standout in their industries are at the forefront of quality and sustainability efforts, creating an alliance between technology, innovation, and operational excellence. Occupational safety and health (OHS) professionals working in organizations are integral to sustainability and operational excellence.


ESG, Sustainability, Triple Bottom Line, Corporate Social Responsibility – whichever phrase resonates most with you – firms face unprecedented urgency to manage and mitigate diverse pressures linked to their impact on the planet, employees, local communities, customers, and many other stakeholders involved in the corporate value chain.


With compliance at the heart of business continuity in regulated industries, staying prepared is mission-critical. Over the last decade, environmental and sustainability regulations, such as air, water and waste regulations, for businesses have become increasingly important around the world and businesses must clearly demonstrate compliance to the latest regulations/directives.

Manage your ESG performance, carbon footprint, and sustainability reporting programs with certainty and efficiency.

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