Kloeckner Metals is a U.S.-based full-line manufacturing, production and service center business specializing in metals industries, including hot-roll products, structural materials, sheets, pipes and plates.

They employ approximately 2,200 people, including a 20-member environment, health and safety (EHS) team of 11 corporate and nine branch-dedicated professionals. As a pioneer of digital transformation in the steel industry, the company is striving to fully digitalize and largely automate the supply and service chain.


  • Multiple siloed EHS systems
  • Need for interoperability
  • Creation of a more effective and efficient end-user experience
  • Moving to operational digitization

Intelex Solution

  • Phase 1 introduced Intelex Sustainability Performance Indicators, Communication Management, Audit Management for EHS, Meetings Management (to replace Google SafetyNet), Action Plans (provided a mechanism for following up on corrective actions) and Job Safety Analysis.
  • Phase 2 introduced Intelex EHS Incident Management


  • Injury or auto claims entered into the Intelex system and verified, automatically generate an email that is sent to the insurance carrier with all relevant data needed to file a claim.
  • A Capex approval process was developed through Intelex, which cut down on overall approval times, collected and stored all relevant documentation and provided an auditable trail for every approval.
  • Monthly safety KPIs report is generated using data collected from Intelex and shared with leadership throughout the organization.