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Your EHS 4.0 Survival Guide: Digital Transformation with New Technologies

Although there’s a lot of discussion about “emerging technologies,” such as smart sensors, drones, cloud computing and mobile applications, what many EHS professionals fail to realize is that they already have powerful connected solutions close at hand that produce great insights into what ails their safety programs.

Whether you are responsible for worker safety or operations management, you understand the complexities of managing workers, safety, and production while continuing to strive for operational excellence. Recently, you might even have faced unscheduled shutdowns and consequently will be engaging in unscheduled start-ups, difficult times that require attention to process and safety management systems to prevent incidents.

You’re not alone in this challenge. EHS professionals who don’t embrace all of the connected solutions available to them often find themselves in the dark when it comes to identifying and mitigating hazards and improving how people and equipment are performing.

In the webinar “Your EHS 4.0 Survival Guide: Digital Transformation with New Technologies,” experts from Intelex Technologies, Predictive Solutions and Industrial Scientific share how connected solutions (also known as EHS 4.0) can amplify worker safety and contribute to production goals.

You will learn how to:

  • Track and collect data in order to mitigate everyday hazards your employees face.
  • Connect various technologies to your broader EHSQ programs and corrective actions.
  • Manage compliance better and more efficiently.
  • Reduces workers’ compensation costs

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