Big Data and Our Behavior-Based Safety Checklist: Are You Doing the ‘Right Stuff?

With data being an integral component of safety management and safety culture today, it comes as no surprise that its continued evolution is made possible via big data and leadership analytics. In fact, Chuck Pettinger, Ph.D., Process Change Leader for Predictive Solutions Corp., firmly attests to this, stating: “If big data and predictive analytics are not already a part of your job, they soon will be. And there is no better area in an organization to start than in the safety department.”

While data does its part to provide intelligence to processes and practices, tools such as checklists play a large part in ensuring that the data capture process is accurate and streamlined.

Download Predictive Solutions’ Behavior-Based Safety Checklist and get ready to learn how to differentiate between behaviors that are considered to be safe or unsafe in the Access & Egress sub-category, the environmental factors group and the body positioning category.

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