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Initiate the process of reducing construction hazards by downloading A Checklist for Safety Professionals on Multi-Employer Construction Sites.


This Insight Report looks at the benefits of a digital safety management system in the construction industry, delving into some of the unique safety challenges and how Intelex applications can help.


Explore innovative approaches for enhancing construction site safety with industry experts in our on-demand webinar. Build a proactive safety culture with digital solutions and EHS software.


This infographic shows how digital safety management solutions can improve the safety culture of the construction industry, which cost US construction firms $167 billion in 2021.


This blog shows you how technology is being embraced to reduce construction hazards and keep workers safe years into the future.


Uncover the pervasive dangers of slips, trips, and falls in the construction industry, which contribute to 700 worker fatalities yearly, and learn from expert Scott Gaddis about pedestrian safety.


Four of the OSHA’s 10 most cited standards in 2017 were related to fall prevention, including the rules for ladder safety and scaffolds. Here's how to keep your workers safe in the workplace.


Explore the dangers of electrocutions in the construction industry, one of the "Fatal Four" hazards causing over 50% of worker deaths annually and learn proactive measures to keep workers safe.


Learn about the top OSHA violations, the impact of falls in construction and how Stand Down for Fall Safety has trained millions in construction site safety.


Discover how the construction industry is leveraging technology such as IoT and real-time analysis to overcome challenges in safety, compliance and more with industry expert Chuck Pettinger, Ph.D.