Insight Report

Harnessing Data and Empowering People to Improve Safety on Construction Job Sites

The construction industry has many unique safety challenges, such as a complex environment, threats that change as the project evolves and the integration of temporary workers into the safety culture. In addition to this, many construction workers have often resisted using digital tools for important tasks like safety observations, preferring instead traditional methods like paper forms. 

Yet the world of data can transform construction safety to help prevent incidents before they happen. With a digital safety management system built on Intelex, construction organizations can work to ensure every frontline worker understands the risks of the work environment and can contribute to a healthy safety culture.  

This Insight Report examines how digital safety solutions from Intelex can help construction organizations transform their approach to safety. You will learn about the following: 

  • How data that supports leading indicators can prevent incidents before they happen. 
  • How to use a digital safety management system to create a proactive safety culture and empower frontline workers. 
  • How Intelex safety management solutions can help you improve your construction safety culture. 

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