Community Memorial Health System

Community Memorial Health System

Community Memorial Health System, established in 2005 when Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura merged with Ojai Valley Community Hospital, is comprised of these two hospitals along with twelve family-practice health centers serving various communities within Ventura County. What originated in 1902 as a single hospital serving its neighbors has today grown into an expansive healthcare system that touches the lives of individuals throughout Ventura County, California and beyond.


  • Implement a system to improve incident reporting rates, identify trends and generate new reports
  • Effectively manage training for employees in multiple offices in different locations
  • Establish an efficient document control system to manage policies and forms across the business
  • Replace paper-based system and Microsoft Excel system with new streamlined software process that automatically tracks documents and audits

Intelex Solution

  • Audits with Checklists
  • Document Control
  • Monitoring and Measurement
  • Nonconformances
  • Supplier Management
  • Training Quiz Builder
  • Training Management


  • Reporting rates more than doubled since implementation and trend identification was simplified
  • Increased efficiency for administration and managers through real-time updates using Dashboards and Reports
  • Eliminated wasted time spent completing reports and audits are automatically documented and tracked
  • Mandatory training tracked in Intelex Training Management and generated positive culture change, with all staff now checking e-mails regularly to know when tasks are assigned


Like many medical institutions, Community Memorial tracks and manages a substantial amount of files and documents. However, with multiple offices and information coming from every direction, they found it difficult to manage their document control policies and were constantly dealing with outdated policies and forms that needed archiving.

Community Memorial's incident reporting system was also outdated, resulting in low reporting rates because the old system wasn't user-friendly and was not available across their 12 clinics. They required a modern system to manage policies and documents, streamline incident reporting across the business and improve visibility across their multiple offices. It was also necessary that the solution include training management to improve the efficiencies and replace the paper-based process Community Memorial employed.


Community Memorial reviewed a number of EHS management software providers before choosing Intelex. Intelex was favoured due to its customizable capabilities, as well as extensive dashboard and reporting options. A main selling point for Community Memorial was how Intelex’s dashboards have the ability to track the stages of the incidents directly on the dashboard. This has allowed Community Memorial to easily manage the work of their supervisors and move the incidents through their system faster. Reporting has revealed trends Community Memorial didn’t even know they had prior to implementing Intelex.

Efficiency Gains

  • Increased incident reporting 2.2 times the previous reporting rate
  • Overdue policies reduced by over 80% in the first few months after implementation
  • Countless hours saved managing documents with Document Control
  • Reporting revealed new trends Community Memorial was not aware of prior to implementation