Mitigating Danger – Leading Safety (or EHS) with Risk Based Thinking

How Managing Risk Drives Value for Your Organization

Every plan, every project, every business endeavor operates in the presence of uncertainty and this uncertainty creates the opportunity for risk. This affects decision making, of course, but also affects how a company is organized, structured, the systems and processes that are put in place, and the culture it needs to contend with uncertainty as they make progress towards their goals and mission success.

Unfortunately, up until now, many companies build their defenses around disparate management systems implemented across functional silos and reinforced by reactive behaviors. This creates the possibility for risk to penetrate and propagate throughout an organization largely unimpeded and even when discovered the controls in place are too slow and too late to minimize the impacts let alone prevent them from occurring. Current reactive practices based on audits and corrective actions are not fast enough to keep up at the speed that risk becomes a realityAnticipating the Unknown:  How Managing Risk Drives Value for Your OrganizationIn this first Insight Report dedicated to risk, we have looked at what risk is and how to get started incorporating risk-based thinking into your organizational approach.

  • Helps you learn about your processes, your organization, the competitive environment you’re operating within, and your ecosystem of partners and suppliers.
  • Raises your awareness of how any of these things might change in the future.

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