The Wine Group's innovations have changed the way millions of Americans enjoy wine. The company pioneered the wine-on-tap category with Franzia, and made this the fastest growing wine package of the 1990s. They are a leader in developing and marketing new varietals and blends, and recently introduced freshness assurance dating to the wine industry. The Wine Group is utilizing Intelex’s Integrated Management System.


  • Centralize the management of Environmental, Quality, and Health & Safety activities through an out-of-the-box software solution.
  • Increase visibility into performance metrics across the organization.

Intelex Solution

  • Intelex EHSQ Management System
  • Web-Based Intelex Platform


  • Simplified and streamlined EHSQ system by using a web-based application.
  • Faster reporting of important information for better decision-making.
  • More efficient use of employee time using a common platform.


With their employees using different systems to manage Environmental, Quality, and Health & Safety activities, The Wine Group wanted to implement a centralized software solution to unify all their performance data and standardize common processes.

The solution needed to be user-friendly and support a high level of transparency into their performance metrics with the ability to output data in reports and dashboards easily available to upper management.


Intelex’s EHSQ Management System, operating on the web-based Intelex Platform provided The Wine Group with a set of software applications and functionalities that met their requirements. A group of employees with a wide background consisting of administrative, compliance and operational roles met weekly for three months prior to roll out to address and assess scenarios and issues.

The system was then rolled out and employees were trained on six key user tasks: Logging In & Dashboard Navigation, Responding to Assigned Tasks, Logging Environmental Tasks (permits, audits, equipment), Document Control (finding, attaching, uploading), Printing Reports, and Reporting Safety Incidents. These six key tasks transitioned employees and migrated these processes and data to a centralized management system.

Efficiency Gains

  • Web-based platform reduced the time needed to retrieve data from multiple areas. All performance metrics from across the organization are available in one central location.
  • Faster and extensive reporting capabilities of key operational information facilitated more educated decision-making and better response times.
  • Simplicity of platform interface made implementation smooth and achieved a high user adoption rate allowing more efficient use of employee time.
  • Overall The Wine Group achieved improved data collection, analysis and visibility with the Intelex EHSQ Management System.