City of Tempe – Water Utilities Department

City of Tempe – Water Utilities Department

The City of Tempe implemented the Intelex Environmental Management System in 2003. As a result of their success, five other Arizona cities have implemented the Intelex EMS. The Intelex EMS is being used to manage all regulatory compliance issues including permitting and permit related activities.


  • Needed to establish an environmental management system to meet the internal goals of the organization.
  • Sought to achieve 100% compliance with all internal and government environmental rules, regulations and permits.
  • Wanted to employ a compliance management system as a tool to facilitate an effective environmental management process including maintaining necessary documentation, completing all required tasks, keeping up to date with permits and permit fees, internal audits, and the creation and submission of reports.
  • Ability to sustain environmental compliance in the short and long term and provide compliance assessment and assistance to all city facilities.

Intelex Solution

Environmental Management System
Intelex’s Environmental Management System consists of a flexible set of software applications to effectively manage your organization’s environmental data and processes.


  • Achieved highest possible confidence in compliance status with regard to all environmental rules, regulations and permits.
  • Ability to sustain compliance and pass all internal audits and inspections with a very high level of confidence.
  • All necessary compliance documentation is centrally maintained and retrievable as necessary by staff.
  • Both the initial seamless implementation and the ongoing relationship with Intelex facilitates the continual maintenance of the environmental management process.


  • Implemented the Intelex Environmental Management System.
  • Special focus on Compliance Management (permit and permit activities management, and legal and other requirements), and Document Control.
  • Implemented Document Control (loading approx. 500 documents) to archive all compliance related documentation, including discharge monitoring reports for 3 different waste water permits, drinking water reports (comprised of 150-plus page reports), invoices, linked websites, internal guidance documents, and SOPs.
  • Effective on-site “train-the-trainers” training by Intelex staff enabled effective deployment and usage of the system, with approximately 40 users around the city.