Safety as a Business Advantage: The 3 Safety Performance Strategies Relied on by Leading Electric Utilities

Safety as a Business Advantage

As the traditional utility business model changes, electric power companies are finding themselves facing many new challenges. Yet customers' core expectations and the industry's primary mandate remain the same: deliver safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. The top safety professionals, and the top electric utilities, recognize that the safety department has a key role to play in successfully delivering on this mandate.

A well-run safety program can result in improved efficiencies that radiate throughout the company. Learn what the top performing electric utility companies are doing differently!

Key topics covered in this whitepaper include:

  • Empowering and understanding the people behind your processes
  • Communicating safety culture to a disparate workforce
  • Tracking and measuring leading indicators
  • Harnessing technology to improve visibility and identify trends


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