Preventing the Quality Death Spiral

Preventing the Quality Death Spiral

Maintaining top quality products and services while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction is a critical aspect of maximizing profit in today's global economic climate. However, when times get tough, quality management is often a target for budget cuts, which creates the potential for negative impacts on product and service quality. But these disastrous effects can be avoided with sound preparation for challenging economic conditions.

This whitepaper explains how to prevent the quality death spiral by understanding how to maintain the integrity of your quality management program in the face of tighter fiscal restraints.

Key topics include:

  • Leveraging an understanding of Cost of Quality (COQ) to discover how it relates to the health of your quality management program.
  • Correlating recent and nascent economic trends with associated impacts on quality departments across the world.
  • Exploiting tips, tactics and strategies for improving profit margins and minimizing COPQ in recessionary and slow-growth markets.
  • Building the business case for investment in the quality department and optimal paths to success.

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