Meeting the Regulatory Challenges of Food and Beverage Companies through Integrated Management Systems

Meeting the Regulatory Challenges

Organizations with an Integrated EHS and Quality Management (EHSQ) solution save up to 50 percent on management system certification costs, up to 66 percent on maintaining management system certifications, and a potential 20 percent on third-party audit costs.

Food and beverage companies with integrated EHSQ solutions eliminate duplication of processes and achieve better operational and financial performance.

Food safety and quality are critical for the F&B industry and have far-reaching implications. Quality slips or failures often result in workplace injuries, food recalls, and brand reputation damage. In 2016 alone, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued fines totalling US$8.3 million.

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The paper includes: 

  • What steps you should take to implement an integrated management solution at your company.
  • Guide to an integrated value proposition in EHS and Quality for food and beverage organizations.
  • The impact on business performance based on the incidents that occurred in the F&B space during this past year.


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