Supplier Management Can Make You a Provider in Demand

How to Get Suppliers Working with You, Not Against You

how to get suppliers working with you

Peer influence weighs heavily into today’s buying decisions, driving more than 81% of buyers to conduct online research, and 61% to read online shopper reviews before purchasing. And in today’s world, buyers are potentially touched by a multitude of suppliers, business partners, and networks of products or services delivery business.

For this reason, it is critical that organizations assess and address not only the risks that live within their internal business operations, but those that extend well beyond those walls. This whitepaper considers how effective supplier management not only helps manage risks that threaten enterprise value and goodwill, but also improves every business function from compliance through to innovation.

Topics include:

  • Contracts vs. partnerships
  • Relationship empathy
  • Ongoing development
  • Customer of choice

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