On-Demand Webinar

The five elements of a successful data-driven safety culture

Creating and sustaining a good culture of safety has long been for many the highest measure for overall program success.  Regulatory compliance, more training or even leadership messaging won’t deliver what the practitioner desires – to return every employee home every day, safe and healthy. In this new decade with its aggressive pursuit to do more with technology, the safety professional has a role – to understand what data that’s in front of us and has value, to parse it effectively to gain understanding and to use it to attain and sustain a culture or safety that protects the worker and the environment.
In this on-demand session:
  • We will explore safety culture and the phases of the culture journey.
  • Gain a better understanding of the normalization of deviance and process error control.
  • Explore the safety management system and key focal areas that leverages safety culture.
  • Understand how data helps and the five key data centers that every practitioner should consider.

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