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Supercharging Your Safety Program with Hazards & Observations Mobile Technology

Risk perception varies from person to person, but what about the risk that comes from familiarity? Perpetual/situational blindness comes from doing the same job day in and day out, looking at something every day and not seeing the risk or overlooking a hazard or risk due to complacency or familiarity.

Join Amy McNaughton, an EHS Professional at Intelex, and EHS Today to learn how to turn frontline employees into safety superheroes through mobile applications. We will link the potential of technology to the realities EHS managers and frontline staff experience every day and will include tips on how to evaluate software solutions.

Watch this webinar and you will learn:

  • Best practices when implementing a hazard identification program
  • How mobile technology can enhance your hazard identification program
  • Reality vs. Hype: How technology engages frontline workers
  • Top things to consider when evaluating mobile technologies.



EHS professionals who want to learn more about Hazard & Observation Mobile technology.


Amy McNaughton, EHS Professional, Intelex
Amy McNaughton started as a consultant and EHS professional in operational and exploration mining and is now employed at Intelex – a leading EHS software provider. Amy has spent over 10 years on the front line of health and safety in everything from underground mines, oil and gas facilities, manufacturing plants and retail facilities. Her focus has always been around safety culture and building behavior-focused training and open communication environments. Amy has worked on three continents, lived in the most remote parts of the world, and has been responsible for the safety and culture of the projects she manages.

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