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Strengthening Worker Attention to Improve Safety and Operational Outcomes

Our world today serves up more distractions than ever before. We can’t stand in line for coffee without checking our phones, and our streets are lined with ads geared to distract us while we drive. In the workplace, distraction creates safety and operational risks. The same things that hinder operational excellence are the same things that hinder safety: fatigue, distraction and boredom.

By watching this webinar, you will learn:

  • How attention can influence safety
  • Methods to strengthen worker attention and optimize performance
  • How to implement these methods effectively.


Anyone looking to learn how to strengthen worker attention to improve their safety.

Amanda Wang Valentine
Founder, enHone
enHone was founded by a group skilled in neuroscience, learning, AI, software engineering, design, EHS and business. Its mission is to help people be their best at work and home by optimizing their innate cognitive abilities. enHone takes scientific innovations and builds user-friendly applications that are fun to use and which help people be more resilient in these changeable times.

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