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Risk Management in a Pandemic – Key Learnings about Capacity, Resilience and OSH Leadership

Many organizations have been shifting from a compliance-based framework for their occupational safety and health programs to one that focuses on risk management – an approach that is designed to build an organizational culture of capacity and resilience as well as identify and manage emerging risks. As we near the beginning of the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, our webinar “Risk Management in a Pandemic – Key Learnings about Capacity, Resilience and OSH Leadership” reveals what have we learned about how those organizations fared.

With its focus on management commitment and worker engagement, did risk management provide an advantage? What about the OSH professionals who work for them – did their role change and what does 2021 look like? And finally, how can technology be leveraged to improve overall performance? Join Pam Walaski, CSP of Specialty Technical Consultants Inc., and Aaron Davis of Intelex as we dig into these questions and more. Attendees will:

  • Learn how a risk management framework provides an organization with a better approach to managing OSH risks, especially emerging ones
  • Explore how the foundations of risk management – management commitment and worker engagement – build capacity and resilience in an organization and how those aspects function in a crisis situation
  • Hear about how OSH professionals played a critical role in leading their organizations in the early stages of the pandemic and how they can build on that role as their organizations move to a post-pandemic world
  • Discover how technology provides tools for enhancing risk management processes

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