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Managing Behavior vs. Leading People – Evidence-Based Lessons to Cultivate and Enrich a World Class Safety Culture

Do you know the difference between safety management and safety leadership?

Safety managers are responsible for influencing safety and productivity. They do this by holding people accountable for behaviors and outcomes. However, any employee can become a safety leader, inspiring others to be accountable for EHS performance. These employees exceed what is expected of them to the benefit of their coworkers and their employer.

How can such a work culture be cultivated? The answer is self-motivated EHS leadership from everyone in a work culture. This webinar will reveal critical distinctions between safety management and safety leadership by sharing practical leadership lessons that can bring the best EHS performance out of a talented and committed workforce, and beyond. Watch this webinar and learn:

  • The difference between safety management and true safety leadership
  • How to engage employees and turn them into safety leaders
  • The tools you can use to build an effective safety management system and culture

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