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Food Safety 2013: What You Need to Know about FSMA

It’s been two years and one presidential election since the sweeping Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law and while it has been slow to materialize, it is gaining momentum. Though questions still abound on the future of the legislation and when it will be fully realized, two sweeping new requirements mandated by FSMA were put forth in January and will take effect, a sure sign that the Act still has legs.

In light of this, American food and beverage companies need to know what to expect of the Act and how it will impact their business. "Food Safety 2013: What You Need to Know about FSMA" is a free 30-minute webinar hosted by Paul Leavoy, an Intelex regulatory affairs specialist who has studied FSMA since it was signed into law. In it, Paul takes a look at the state of food safety and what regulatory developments businesses can expect in the months and years ahead.

Key topics covered include:

  • An assessment of where FSMA is two years after its enactment, including implemented regulations and current new requirements.
  • A look at the key FSMA rulemakings on the horizon and how your business will have to adapt.
  • What cues we can take away from the current social, political and economic climate, as well as hints presented by the FDA itself.
  • The inevitable costs associated with compliance and how to minimize the Act’s economic impact on your business.
  • Learning from synergies between HACCP, SQF, ISO 22001 and FSMA to prepare proactively for tomorrow’s food safety requirements today.

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