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Fast Tracking API Q2 Compliance

If you work in the Oil and Gas industry, the time to ensure that you are API Q2 compliant is quickly running out. Any service organization wishing to continue working with major oil producers must comply with the new standard. With the first API Q2 audits planned for early 2014, it’s imperative that you understand the implications to your organization, supply chain and profit margins.

Learn how Intelex’s pro-active EHSQ management software can help ensure you comply with the new API Q2 standards in this FREE 30 minute webinar: Fast Tracking API Q2 Compliance. Hosted by Intelex Oil & Gas Solution Specialists, Ethan Fleming-Cushing and Gurpreet Lalwani, this webinar will help you to:

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  • Proactively move towards API Q2 compliance
  • Reduce risks through contingency planning and service quality plans
  • Effectively manage organizational and project changes
  • Evaluate your supply chain through real-time graphical scorecards and KPIs

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