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Ensuring Food Safety with Quality Management Software

Food safety and food quality have an integrated relationship. While food quality relates to ensuring that products meet the established requirements for food characteristics, food safety relates to those characteristics that have the potential to be harmful to health. Food safety characteristics are therefore specific kinds of food quality characteristics.

This connection between food safety and food quality means that organizations in the food and beverage industry can use the methods and tools of quality management to help them navigate the complex regulations, standards, and frameworks that govern the international supply chain. The complexity of these regulations means that organizations practicing MFSMA (Multiple Food Safety Management Systems) will quickly find that legacy tools such as old databases and spreadsheets are ill-equipped to provide the governance and control their businesses require.

In the webinar “Ensuring Food Safety with Quality Management Software,” Nicole Radziwill, Sonduren Fanarredha and Angelica Lauriano will discuss how an integrated software QMS (Quality Management System) for food and beverage can help you with:

  • ensuring consistent and efficient quality management practices across facilities in different locations
  • facilitating corrective action procedures (CAPA)
  • eliminating duplication of effort and documentation
  • ensuring training and process documentation is up-to-date for both regular use and inspections, and
  • ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements in every jurisdiction.


About the Presenters

Nicole Radziwill
Nicole Radziwill is Quality Practice Lead at Intelex in Toronto, Ontario. She uses data science and applied machine learning to enhance quality and catalyze innovation in industrial systems. Nicole is a Fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB), a Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE), and editor of Software Quality Professional with a PhD in Quality Systems from Indiana State. She is one of ASQ’s Influential Voices and blogs at http://qualityandinnovation.com.

Sonduren Fanarredha
Sonduren Fanarredha is the Senior Product Marketing Manager, Quality Management Software at Intelex Technologies. He provides business strategy, planning, and go-to-market campaigns for Intelex’s quality management software suite. He is actively engaged in researching and listening to the quality marketplace to create positioning and messaging of products and content that guide both practitioners and thought-leaders on their quality journey.

Angelica Lauriano
Angelica Lauriano is a food safety solution specialist here at Intelex where she works with organizations to adopt technology solutions that address their food safety management and compliance needs. Angelica will be presenting on how Intelex can help organizations ensure food safety.

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