On-Demand Product Webinar & Demo

Application Spotlight: Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health

Ensure The Short and Long-Term Wellbeing of Your Workforce With Powerful Industrial Hygiene and Occupation Health Management Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust industrial hygiene and occupational health management into the spotlight for organizations across the globe, but most EHS professionals know that IH/OH management has always been a key pillar of an effective safety management system. When organizations don’t have a tool that can handle industrial hygiene considerations such as similar exposure groups (SEGs), or occupational health considerations such as medical program management, the short term and long-term well-being of employees can be jeopardized in a major way.


Join Trevor Bronson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, as well as Dylan Adams, Product Solution Consultant, for an hour-long product-focused webinar where you will hear about how Intelex can help you streamline your industrial hygiene and occupational health management programs, receive a live demonstration of Intelex’s solution, and have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A.


  • Attend to learn more about how you can optimize your company’s IH/OH management including:
  • Centralizing key information onto configurable, intuitive, and role-based dashboards
  • Automating hazard warnings when thresholds are exceeded allowing for intervention before serious consequences occur
  • Creating, facilitating, editing, and fine tuning SEG management
  • Strengthening your organization’s toolset when it comes to COVID-19 response and resiliency
  • Ensuring sensitive information is kept private and secured at all levels for all parties
  • Easily tailoring the tool to your operations with relevant PPE, controls, substances, regulations, and even local laboratories
  • Finding relationships between employee health and operational performance to boost the business value of EHS as a whole
  • Much, much more!

On-Demand Product Webinar & Demo

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