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Application Spotlight: Document Control Software

How Digital Document Management Software Can Drive Efficiency & Reduce Risk

Poor document control can lead to wasted time, disorganized document storage, unclear versioning, stagnant approvals, compliance risk, and general process and procedural chaos. Managing all your organization’s documents in one secure, web-based centralized system and implementing consistent, company-wide document approval workflow processes is the best way to avoid these inefficiencies.

Join Trevor Bronson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, as well as John Tourigny, Product Solution Consultant, for an hour-long product-focused webinar to learn about how Intelex can help you achieve your document management goals and watch a live demonstration of Intelex’s Document Management solution.

Watch and learn how your business can improve performance, reduce risk and strengthen your company’s document management program by:
  • Centralizing all documents in the cloud and controlling accessibility
  • Automating reviews, revisions and approvals to minimize document creation time
  • Ensuring only up-to-date, approved documents are available to your organization
  • Maintaining compliance and ensuring audit readiness
  • Meeting and exceeding document control requirements for standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

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