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Integrating Quality and Safety in Organizational Culture: A Cross-Industry Look

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Quality and safety culture are closely integrated in many industries. Nuclear energy, health care, construction, and petroleum are just a few of the industries in which complex...

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The concept of Industry 4.0 has become an important part of the branding of many practices. Among those, Quality 4.0 is prominent as an application of the principles of digital...


While the EU horse meat scandal is often held up as the definitive example of food crime, it's far from being the only one. Around the world, food crime is a massive industry in...

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No matter the size of your organization, as an EHS professional you have safety standards, regulations and best practices that you need to enforce, track, analyze and act on....

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Your management systems for quality, health and safety, and environment help you reach your operational goals and comply with legal requirements. But what if an integrated...