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Verdantix Report: ehsAI Seeks To Accelerate EHS Compliance Management Through Automation

This independent research report by Verdantix dives into how ehsAI® is disrupting the traditional approach to EHS compliance management. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, ehsAI minimizes the cost associated with the translation of complex environmental, health and safety documents – like permits and regulations – into succinct compliance requirements. The ehsAI algorithm mimics the EHS or compliance professional’s thought processes to quickly and accurately standardize what in the past could be a very expensive manual (and error-prone) task.

Discover how ehsAI enables faster and more accurate identification of regulatory requirements by automatically creating easy-to-consume, ready-to-adopt compliance requirement records, permit limits and detailed actions.

Download the report for the take on ehsAI technology by Verdantix analysts.

Learn how ehsAI:

  • Transforms unstructured data from regulations and permits into immediately useable compliance information.
  • Delivers “better than human” accuracy results, in a fraction of the time – The cost savings alone can be as high as 80 percent. The solution delivers clearly identified regulatory requirements, tagged and cross-referenced into multiple output formats for maximum efficiency.
  • Puts your data to work. ehsAI® output is seamlessly imported into any EHS or EMIS software platform where compliance actions and reporting can be assigned owners, frequency, recurrence and dates.

Download the report now to learn how you can accelerate your compliance efforts up to 80% faster.

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