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Stop Wasting Time and Money (Managing EHSQ with Spreadsheets)

Too many health & safety professionals continue to use a complex set of spreadsheets and emails to manage their EHSQ programs. Some organizations have been their business this way for years and think that spreadsheet solution is “good enough.” And many users argue these spreadsheets are free, unlike software, but are they really? 

 This insight report, Stop Wasting Time & Money (Managing EHSQ with Spreadsheets), explains the hidden costs of spreadsheet-driven EHSQ programs, including: 

  • Spreadsheets take time and resources to populate 
  • Spreadsheets can introduce errors because of manual data entry 
  • Spreadsheets aren’t dynamic and can’t offer you real-time data 
  • It’s difficult to collect and analyze data from multiple locations using spreadsheets. 

Download Stop Wasting Time & Money (Managing EHSQ with Spreadsheets) to discover how software trumps spreadsheets. 

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