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Smart Spending for Safety in Retail

Boost Your Bottom Line with Safety Management Software

In 2017 the retail industry reported a higher number of incident cases than the construction industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2017 the retail industry had a 3.3 percent incident rate with over 386,000 recorded cases compared to the construction industry with 3 percent and 194,000 recorded cases. These statistics can be surprising, but the real question is; how do we improve safety in the retail industry?

A new Insight Report from Intelex provides an in-depth overview of Safety Management Software (SMS) and the kinds of impact it can make for the Retail industry. The paper, titled Smart Spending for Safety in Retail, covers:

  • Impact of an SMS on OSHA recordables, LTIs and DART rates,
  • Benefits of SMS software,
  • Intangible and tangible ROI,
  • How key safety KPIs can affect insurance premiums, and
  • How much your organization can ultimately save with a robust SMS solution.


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