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Protecting Your Brand in an EHS Crisis

Prevention, Preparation and Recovery

Protecting Your Brand in an EHS Crisis

Thanks to the instant, global reach of the Internet, it no longer takes a massive disaster like Enron or Deepwater Horizon to tarnish the reputation of a brand or an executive for a lifetime.

With increased demands from broad swaths of stakeholders — a group that now includes not just shareholders, but watchdog groups and employees, too — the responsibility also goes all the way down your supply chain. The expectation of increased transparency means that a disaster in a third-world country at a factory that supplies one piece of your product can have a lasting, measurable bottom-line impact on your brand’s reputation.

This comprehensive guide will explore how to build an executable plan should an EHS crisis happen, including:
  • Identifying corporate communicators
  • Avoiding costly misinformation
  • Acting in a timely manner
  • Involving shareholders, executives, and the community

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