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ISO 45001, ISO 45003 and Mental Health in Construction

People across the workforce are suffering from declining mental health, and those in construction are among the most affected. Stress, substance abuse and suicide are just some of the mental health issues invading the industry. The growing focus on this worrying trend is leading employers to seek out new strategies that strengthen workers’ well-being, boost morale, increase retention, restore productivity and improve safety on construction job sites.

International standards such as ISO 45001 and ISO 45003 provide important guidance on understanding hazards to employees’ psychosocial health. Construction firms can use these standards alongside targeted technology solutions to address workplace stressors, spot risky behaviors and identify team members who may benefit from additional support and resources.

Mental health concerns in the construction industry have often been underreported, misunderstood and overlooked. Download the “ISO 45001, ISO 45003 and Mental Health in Construction” report now and see where you can apply standards and tools to help nurture employees’ well-being and increase safety on your construction jobsites.

• Learn about the many faces of mental health and how it impacts the workplace
• Understand the specific mental health challenges in the construction industry
• Discover how ISO 45001 and ISO 45003 can help address these challenges
• Explore the role of technology in improving mental health in construction
• Get information on mental health resources for construction companies and their employees

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