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An Insider’s Guide to Buying Safety Management Software Part II

As a health and safety professional, you want to make sure that you are using everything possible to keep your workforce safe. Maintaining safety records, managing risks, reducing incidents, complying with regulations and standards, and enhancing your overall business processes are all tasks that can be managed using a safety management system (SMS).

We spoke to an industry expert, Daniel Marcus, to help EHS professionals like you understand the world of SMS and how to identify the right solution. It can seem like quite the daunting task and it often requires a substantial investment of time and money to implement a system that works best for your organization, so you need as much information as possible upfront. In Part II we are going to show you:

  • How to maximize ROI by implementing a safety management software solution.
  • How to develop effective business proposals that communicate the ROI potential of safety management software solutions to internal decision-makers.

In case you missed Part I, click HERE to download the free whitepaper. In it we explain why SMS can help your organization ensure employee safety, as well as compliance with regulatory and legislative standards. It also demystifies the software industry, particularly as it relates to safety management software, and provides the questions you need to ask potential vendors.

If you are responsible for safety within your organization or if you are involved in the process of purchasing safety management software, this whitepaper is an essential read. Download Part II now!

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