Insight Report

How to Advance EHS Regulatory Compliance in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

The Insight Report “How to Advance EHS Regulatory Compliance in the Transportation and Logistics Industry” explores the main challenges and the role of innovative solutions in ensuring regulatory compliance within the transportation and logistics industry.

This report gives an overview of the intricate web of national, regional and international regulations that industry organizations must navigate, along with sub-sector requirements tailored to each transportation modality—air, maritime, rail, truck and transit.

It delves into the main safety challenges businesses face on a daily basis:

  • Navigating complex, multi-layered regulatory frameworks.
  • Implementing rigorous safety management requirements.
  • Operating in diverse and high-risk environments.
  • Managing high workforce turnover.
  • Keeping pace with rapid technological advancements.
  • Addressing data privacy and cybersecurity concerns.

The paper also highlights the transformative impact of advanced digital safety management systems in addressing these challenges and navigating the multifaceted regulatory landscapes. Through a featured case study on Virgin Atlantic, it illustrates the successful deployment of Intelex Safety Incident Management Software, streamlining reporting and enhancing compliance.

The report emphasizes the role of Intelex’s suite of applications in incident reporting, document control, audits, inspections and claims management. These tools are essential for upholding the highest safety standards and ensuring thorough compliance across all facets of transportation and logistics operations.

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