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How the Data Revolution is Changing the Safety Professional’s Role

Improving safety performance is a team effort that is based on data that easily can be collected and analyzed to prioritize where safety management efforts can have the most impact.  When it comes to improving performance in health & safety, organizations must leverage a valuable asset - data - to improve EHS performance.

Your organization may be most interested in tracking market, and economic trends, but the safety professionals at your company probably focus on data related to leading and lagging indicators, such as near misses, audit reports, training records, and injuries and illnesses. Until very recently, tracking, leading and lagging indicators of safety performance has been a matter of paper documents that either was filed in a cabinet or entered into a spreadsheet or rudimentary software program.

Now, thanks to next-generation software programs and platforms, collecting information is easier, more automated and more streamlined than ever – giving you access to information that previously would have been time-consuming to collect.

The right software solutions can help you enhance your workplace Health & Safety performance by:

  1. Predicting workplace injuries
  2. Monitoring and benchmarking your safety culture
  3. Improving compliance
  4. Tying safety to productivity

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