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Bite-Sized Communications Serve Up Big Results

Answers to Your Questions About Bulletins and Microlearning

With businesses moving at an unprecedented rate, organizations must adopt new technologies and develop new processes to keep up. In recent years, leaders have put training methodologies into the list of priorities to make a strong impact.

Driving Progress through Microlearning
One of the most effective methods championed in the training space is microlearning, which is based on “learning in small steps.” Key benefits of microlearning are: it caters to the different types of learners, lower costs, it is operationally effective, fosters collaboration and applies non-traditional teaching methodologies.

The Benefits of Using Bulletins to Enhance Communications
To keep pace with the ever-changing business landscape, organizations have also had to leverage new software solutions or add-on capabilities within their existing suite. Enter Intelex’s bulletins feature.

Developed to provide management “the ability to communicate with their workforce using short and concise messages,” our bulletins feature enables them to send messages and updates.

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  1. The importance and benefits of employee engagement
  2. How microlearning can deepen the connection between employees
  3. How bulletins support your training and development plan and increase leadership opportunities

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