On-Demand Product Webinar & Demo

Application Spotlight: Training Management

Reduce Training Costs, Streamline Training Data, and Optimize Performance

This hour-long product webinar and live demo walks you through how the Intelex Training Management software application will help your organization optimize training across your business and improve performance, reduce risk, and increase employee engagement. Effective training is a vital component to manage risk and building a strong and resilient safety and quality culture, watch and learn how this solution can:

  • Track and monitor employee training progress at-a-glance and manage training courses through a centralized course inventory.
  • Create custom training programs through an interactive Quiz Builder, schedule training sessions, track registrations and attendees, and manage course instructors.
  • Leverage an automated training request and approval workflow to simplify the approval of course and session requests.
  • Generate comprehensive training reports and audit trail for streamlined audit management and compliance.

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