On-Demand Product Webinar & Demo

Application Spotlight: Quality and Supplier Management

Increase efficiency and drive down the cost of quality

This hour-long product webinar and live demo walks you through how the Intelex Quality and Supplier Management software application can help your organization execute a more agile and resilient quality and supplier management approach. Watch how you can simplify the management of your quality and supplier programs by:

  • Automating the quality management process – Use a powerful workflow to streamline the management of quality and supplier data from the planning and process control phases through to production, supplier, and customer success.
  • Reducing the cost of poor quality – Address nonconformances through the systematic identification and elimination of waste and an effective corrective action plan.
  • Managing supplier quality and integrity – Track supplier non-conformances and develop corrective and preventative action plans to ensure supplier service level agreements are met.
  • Accelerating decision making – Gain a 360-degree view of your quality and supplier programs, associated non-conformances and corrective actions, due dates, and a completion status to ensure desired outcomes.

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