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Industry Spotlight: Reimagining Retail: Why EHS and ESG should be at the forefront of retail resilience

COVID-19 gave a hard time to the retail industry with lockdowns, decreasing footfalls, supply chain disruptions and more. While the situation started to improve in 2021, it is still not over. Running a retail business is riskier than ever before with increased safety concerns and higher pressure on bringing consumers back to brick-and-mortar. The role for EHS professionals continues to be in the spotlight as the retail businesses regain momentum, calling for new protocols for the ‘new normal’.  

The Pandemic, in some ways, also accelerated ESG issues that the retail industry should look at as it adjusts back into its ‘business as usual’ mindset. ESG was already a key issue pre-COVID, but industry experts now believe that it should be at the forefront of any retailers’ resilience. Is this something you are considering? 

Hear from Jyotika Ahuja, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Intelex, and Georgia Dransutavicius, Product Solution Consultant at Intelex, for this webinar to learn how you can reduce risk for your retail business with the right strategy and technology in place. The webinar will cover:  

  • What changed for the retail industry during and post pandemic 
  • Workforce safety best practices and role of EHS technologies 
  • Key ESG issues accelerated by COVID-19 and increasing importance of ESG for the retail industry 
  • How to reduce risk and achieve your ESG goals more effectively 

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