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Industry Spotlight: Driving Next-gen Sustainability in Manufacturing with EHS and ESG

The manufacturing industry continues to build growth momentum as it emerges from the pandemic-era, which witnessed everything from lock downs to massive supply chain disruptions to significant pivots in consumer preferences. More than ever before, manufacturers are under pressure to embed sustainability as a key pillar of organizational strategy. To maintain momentum and create a sustainable enterprise, manufacturers must reset and act to actively control and eliminate risks that can derail growth plans. While EHS has made the move from being a cost-center to engaging with the C-suite, the pandemic has in some ways pushed ESG to the forefront of almost every manufacturer’s sustainability strategy. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 24% of greenhouse gas emissions come from burning fossil fuels for industrial purposes. Is building a sustainable organization – in all respects – the way forward for you as well? 

If it is, digital maturity in the EHS-ESG domain – with an emphasis on holistic risk management – can help manufacturers turn risks into advantages and build resilient organizations by fostering a safety culture, assessing risks proactively, and driving sustainable manufacturing practices. 

Hear from Nitin Phadnis, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Intelex, and Fraser McArthur, Principal Product Solution Consultant at Intelex, to learn how your manufacturing firm can reduce risk for your manufacturing business with the right technology foundation. The webinar will cover: 

  • Key trends in manufacturing and the road ahead 
  • Aligning technology to core organizational objectives and reducing risk   
  • The increasing role of ESG for manufacturing organizations 
  • Enabling a data-driven approach to managing risk  
  • Live product demonstration of how Intelex can help you 

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