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Behavior-Based Safety

How To De-Risk Your Workforce

Behavior-Based Safety, commonly known as BBS, is a management methodology for reducing preventable injuries that focuses on the behavior of the workers themselves rather than the work environment at large. Behavior-Based Safety is by no means a silver bullet when it comes to accident prevention, but if implemented correctly it can be a valuable tool in the tool-belt of EHS professionals at all levels and across all industries. After all, every single company has one common variable: a human workforce.
In this recorded webinar, Trevor Bronson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Dylan Adams, Product Solution Consultant, spend an hour discussing the the origins of BBS, best practices for design and implementation of a BBS program, and how Intelex can support your BBS goals.

Watch now to learn exactly how Intelex an can help your organization:

  • Record and track safety behaviors across all levels of the organization
  • Leverage BBS metrics to derive insight and facilitate continuous improvement and risk mitigation
  • Establish BBS as a pillar of a broader, more comprehensive safety management program
  • Much, much more!

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