Application Spotlight

Amplifying Engagement in Near-Miss Reporting Programs Using Software

It is estimated that for every lost-time injury over three days in length there were nearly 190 near misses. Capturing those 190 near-misses, identifying root causes, and implementing corrective actions is essential for reducing incident rates. Mobile near miss reporting solutions are key to engaging your workforce in near miss reporting and gaining visibility into the ongoing behaviors and actions that will soon become an incident.

Hear from Intelex team members how you can increase engagement and participation in your near miss reporting programs leveraging mobile technology. Watch the session to learn:  

  • How to improve engagement and participation in near miss reporting  
  • Statistics and proof points need to convince your company to digitize near miss reporting  
  • Use case examples of clients who have implemented mobile near miss reporting  
  • Live Product Demonstration: Intelex’s Near Miss Reporting software

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