Welcome to the Lunch and Learn Training Series!

As an interactive, Intelex-led training sessions, these series provide System Administrators fundamental knowledge to keep their skills sharp, best practices, tips & tricks, and ways to better optimize their system.
These sessions will enable you to:

Learn from experts: Hear directly from the Intelex Training team members. Each session will be hosted by Intelex experts that will help you gain the core system administrator skills.

Gain best practices: Stay up to date on the latest Intelex features. Follow along with our trainers as they teach you the skills needed to get the best usage of your system and help you meet your goals.

Sharpen your skills: Use this training as a knowledge checkpoint to enhance your system administrator skills.

Next Session:
Mastering Action Handlers: Strategies for Understanding and Development

June 25, 2024 @ 10:00 AM EST

Action Handlers play a pivotal role in enhancing user experience and system functionality. In this session, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of what Action Handlers are, their significance in supporting user interaction, and how to effectively maintain and develop them.

Our training specialist will lead a deep dive into the following key areas:

1. Defining Action Handlers: Understand the fundamental concept and purpose of Action Handlers within your system architecture.

2. Optimizing User Experience: Discover how Action Handlers contribute to a smoother, more intuitive user interface and workflow.

3. Maintenance Best Practices: Learn essential techniques for maintaining Action Handlers to ensure system stability and efficiency.

4. Creating Action Handlers: Gain practical insights into the process of creating custom Action Handlers tailored to your specific needs.

This session caters exclusively to System Administrators, as they possess the capability to configure Action Handlers.
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Key Details about The Network

To provide you a synopsis of the style and structure of each session, here are the key details:

Leaders2Leaders The Network - Time and Cadence

Time and Cadence

Join us virtually for an hour once a month to hear from our training team sharing fundament knowledge and best practices on important system usage topics.

Leaders2Leaders The Network - Topics


Our topics will focus on key Intelex Platform features and functionality including Report Builder Tool, Dashboards, Employee Management and more.

Leaders2Leaders The Network - Speakers


Our speakers will be our very own Training Team! Hear from our internal Intelex experts on how to best optimize your Intelex application.

Leaders2Leaders The Network - Format


The format will be a simple one, our Trainers will introduce the topic or concept then Jump-In to a live test site to demonstrate the how-to part.

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