Independent Benchmark Report

Green Quadrant EHS Software 2021

Evaluating EHS Management Software Vendors?

The Green Quadrant EHS Software 2021 is your first place to start! The report is an independent third-party analysis of 22 EHS Software vendors that dives into the technical capabilities, application breadth, and momentum of key Environmental, Health and Safety Management Software market players. This guide is essential for EHS software benchmarking, especially for understanding EHS vendor strengths and weaknesses. The Green Quadrant EHS Software 2021 can help you discover which vendor best fits your current EHS Management needs and future goals.

  • Safety culture: With micro-learnings, interactive bulletins and an intuitive interface, Intelex has the tools you need to increase participation and mind share.
  • Reporting, Insights & Visibility: Intelex is at the forefront of a connected EHS ecosystem, including real-time reporting, IoT and partnerships with leaders such as Microsoft and Zebra Technologies.
  • Scalability: Cross-functional abilities, such as Quality Management, meets broader business goals and promotes a culture of shared data and transparency.
  • Agility: With Intelex’s low-code application builder, clients easily build custom applications for unique business needs that are available on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Process Excellence: Intelex continues to garner top scores with core EHS functions such as Incident Management, Audits & Inspections, Document Control, Training Management, Management of Change and more.

There is a need, more than ever, to gain a competitive advantage by creating an agile EHSQ ecosystem with robust all-around capabilities, featuring real-time risk analytics. EHSQ transformation starts now. Don’t risk falling behind. Download your copy today!

Independent Benchmark Report

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