Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited is the UK’s second largest long-haul airline and has seen over 65 million passengers since its launch in 1984. The airline now flies to 30 destinations around the world, from its main bases at London Heathrow and London Gatwick, using a modern, young fleet of Airbus A340 and Boeing 747 aircraft. Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited (VAA) is utilizing Intelex’s Audit Management, Audit Trail, Document Control, Local Safety Meetings, Safety Hazards & Risks, Standards Nonconformances, Corrective/Preventive Actions, and Training Management Modules, as well as the iForms® System.


First and foremost, VAA required a system that would present a single view of each incident report. The system would allow incidents to be linked to real-time information on flights and employees via web services, and it would be able to populate certain fields based on that information. The system would be flexible enough to capture varying incident data, where each department could manage its own types of incidents (e.g. Air Safety Report, Ground Handling Report, Flight Quality Report, etc.), but also where the incident outcomes, closing comments,causal factors, and all actions taken in relation to the incidents, could be maintained within a single record.


In preparation for its search for a web-based Incident Reporting Management and Analysis System (IRMA), VAA compiled a Statement of Requirements detailing its functional, technical,and practical requirements. The company’s main objective was to replace its separate and disparate incident reporting processes with a single streamlined application that could be accessed by anyone across the entire company.

Furthermore, the system would be able to link incidents based on sharing a main event. It’s quite often the case where multiple incident reports are submitted relating to the same event.Since the review, follow-up action, and risk rating varies with each incident, VAA required a system that could maintain all of those incidents under one main event. The Statement of Requirements also specified: “As the incident is managed, the system is required to allow users to record evidence in relation to an incident, and assign actions to other users, both internal and external to the system.”

In addition to the above requirements, the system would offer the following functionality:

  • Location- and user-specific security
  • Letter and email generation
  • Attachment of multiple file types to incident records
  • Follow-up action assignment with completion due dates
  • Response and alert tracking for overdue responses
  • Superior reporting and analysis capability for trending, graphical representations,
  • and extensive filtering

VAA’s Statement of Requirements was both ambitious and comprehensive. And it was that organization, clear objective, and overall preparedness that made it significantly easier to search for a perfect match for the amalgamation of its incident reporting data streams into a single database.

According to Intelex Vice President of Solution Management, Bryden Waggott, VAA’s Statement of Requirements was a formal approach, which many companies do not take: “VAA chose Intelex through a very formal Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP)process. This is interesting because for implementations of this size the client will often fallback on its preferred vendors or simply get a recommendation on what someone else might be using. However, because VAA took the formal process, it was able to clearly highlight that the preferred vendors were not able to supply the flexibility and scalability of what VAA required.”


“The airline’s Incident Reporting Management and Analysis System (IRMA) called for a merging of data and processes. Active participation from the company’s business leads was instrumental in meeting VAA’s needs and constructing an intuitive interface”, said Intelex Senior Project Manager, Kulbir Bal. In addition to being able to satisfy its Statement of Requirements, VAA’s expectations were exceeded by Intelex’s product offering.

Intelex’s 100% web-based system can be accessed from anywhere, is completely configurable, and was able to provide VAA with what it was looking for, and more. As VAA discovered more about Intelex and its capabilities, the airline was truly impressed with the features and functionality that the system had to offer. Especially with the platform features and modules the company hadn’t been searching for. Some of the ‘pleasant surprises’ included the training and safety meetings modules; the flexibility and configurability of the system; dashboards and iForms; navigation and central setup; custom link and metric scorecards; and message center.

Along with Intelex's platform features, VAA is utilizing the following Intelex modules:

  • Audit Management and Standard Nonconformances (SNCR) to monitor aircraft, schedule maintenance, and launch defects
  • Document Control to maintain all checklists used by the auditors
  • Safety Hazards & Risks to proactively assess risks; capture and analyze incidents; track incidents based on activity type; measure estimated risk vs. actual risk
  • Local Safety Meetings and Training Management to track, manage, and report on all meetings, course details, and employee training histories
  • iForms® System to build an unlimited number of iForm modules

Efficiency Gains

Proactive Approach to Risk Assessment

The most impressive feature of VAA’s Safety Hazards & Risks module is the Risk Matrix tool for IRMA. The Risk Matrix tool pulls all incident data, including all estimated risks and actual incidents, and then compares the proactive analysis of risk versus the actual risk. Essentially,VAA is able to view its IRMA in a single highlighted report that provides click-through ability to specified incident types.

The Risk Matrix tool promotes a new level of accuracy and transparency to VAA’s incident reporting processes. The airline’s commitment to Health & Safety is commendable and Intelex is proud to be able to offer the software solutions, which enable VAA to maintain its proactive approach to Hazards & Risks Management.