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Case Study:

Trans-Northern Pipelines

Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc. (TNPI) has been in operation since 1952 and delivers refined petroleum products to major cities and airports in southern Ontario and western Quebec. The company is a federally regulated firm under the jurisdiction of the National Energy Board and is a member company of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association. Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc. is utilizing Intelex’s Safety Management System and Environmental Management Modules Suite.


  • Wanted means of improving efficiency in processing integrity concerns including health and safety issues.
  • Required reliable system able to withhold scrutiny of external auditing process.
  • Needed means of making internal documentation and procedures accessible organization wide.
  • Desired a system that could encompass health and safety standards as well as ensuring overall regulatory compliance.

Intelex Solution

  • Implemented Intelex’s Safety Management System (SMS) targeting timely and accurate processing of health and safety related issues.
  • Uniquely configured the Intelex System to suit several specific risk areas of business.
  • In depth training provided by Intelex Client Services Team facilitated understanding of configured workflow, responsibilities, and tasks received through system.
  • Use of Document Control System allowed appropriate literature to become available to employees organization wide.


  • Effective roll out of Intelex Safety Management System (SMS) has helped increase employee health and safety processing and accountability.
  • Intuitive workflow and ease of system usability allow users to easily understand end goals and objectives.
  • Effective training by the Intelex Client Services Team has allowed Trans-Northern Pipelines to better manage health and safety issues.
  • Plan to utilize iForm System to further enhance specific risk management processes.


  • Alan Conquergood, President

    Not only does the Intelex System allow for optimal organization and distribution of documents, manuals, and procedures, it increases internal accountability ensuring health and safety issues are dealt with in a timely fashion. Using Intelex to ensure the effectiveness of our performance provides a safer environment for employees, contractors, and in our case, the public.