Subaru Canada – Mississauga

Subaru Canada – Mississauga

With constantly changing weather and a landscape that encompasses everything from the sprawling prairies of Saskatchewan to the concrete canyons of Toronto to the imposing majesty of the Canadian Rockies, it makes sense for Subaru to have a strong presence in Canada. Subaru Canada has been an Intelex customer since 2004 and the company relies on multiple applications to boost its performance in areas such as training and audits management and support its ISO 14001 certification.


  • Simplify the tracking and administrative process of employee training
  • Eliminate inefficiencies caused by the current file folder system
  • Streamline internal and external training information into a central location for easier accessibility
  • Transfer responsibility of training from HR to managers to own their department's specific training needs
  • Reduce non-conformance rates
  • Retain ISO 14001 certification

Intelex Solution

  • Environmental Management Suites
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Business Management


  • Completed audits seamlessly and continuously achieved positive results
  • Maintained ISO 14001 certification
  • Reduced the average number of non-conformances from four per year to zero
  • Centralized information on training and regulation requirements to make it accessible to all employees
  • Transferred training responsibilities from HR to department managers
  • Enhanced time efficiency in administrative aspects of training
  • Successfully tracked the status of both internal and external employee training


Subaru needed to streamline its training process by eliminating the folder and spreadsheet system that was currently being used. With multiple offices across Canada, it was essential that the training requirements and materials be available to all employees in a centralized location. It was crucial that the ownership of the department specific training transfer from HR's responsibility to the department managers in order to be tracked accurately.

The objective was to find a solution that would simplify the training process in order to save time, achieve successful audit results and meet the requirements for ISO 14001 certification.


At the time of Subaru's search for a solution, there were limited options that provided the type of management system the company required. Intelex was the only software that could deliver an online system with the capabilities required to meet Subaru's objectives.

Within a year of purchasing the Intelex system, it was successfully implemented and being used regularly at the main office headquarters and corporate dealership with over 170 users. It was later expanded to the Montreal and Vancouver offices. After Intelex released the ability to modify applications, Subaru implemented an average of five to seven new applications a year.

Efficiency Gains

  • Consistently complete inspections and EH&S audits.
  • Maintained ISO 14001 certification on a yearly basis.
  • Drastically reduced the amount of administrative time for training courses.
  • Top management is able to identify and easily track training throughout the organization.
  • Reduced scheduling conflicts and enhanced accountability by having management tracking their staff's training rather than HR.

Blair Howell,
Environment, Health & Safety Assistant Manager

"We have had two random visits from the Ministry of Labour since 2008. When the representative arrived, she was in and out in one day, thanks to Intelex. She was amazed by our system. Anything she wanted, whether it be a document, a presentation, anything, I was able to pull it up and show record of it immediately. "