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Servisair is a leading global company in the aviation sector with over 22,000 employees and operations in Europe, the United States and Canada. The company deals with all aspects of airport and airline support functions, from checking in passengers and processing their baggage, to fueling the aircraft and planning the weight and balance of that aircraft. Their industry is heavily regulated and Servisair is involved in safety critical tasks on a daily basis.


  • Centralize training records from 175 global locations
  • Track, monitor, predict and report on training and compliance at an enterprise level
  • Ensure compliance with international, national and local requirements varying among locations
  • Ability to someday expand the solution into a full Quality Management system

Intelex Solution

  • Intelex Training Management
  • Intelex Audits Management
  • Intelex Nonconformances and Corrective/Preventive Actions


  • 100% visibility into training compliance across all 175 locations
  • Ability to track and maintain training records for over 22,000 employees in a centralized system
  • Streamlined scheduling and communication of upcoming training
  • Instigated a shift from a reactive approach to audits to a proactive one
  • Noncompliance situations are flagged and immediately brought to the attention of managers
  • Noncompliance on mandatory subjects is down to virtually nil


Servisair provides aircraft ground handling services at 175 airports, and prior to Intelex these locations all had different approaches to managing training. In some cases these methods were no more sophisticated than a whiteboard with dates on it, while others were using solutions such as Microsoft Access databases. The lack of global oversight left Servisair vulnerable; there was always the risk of being blindsided by an auditor discovering a previously unknown noncompliance.

Servisair required one system that could track, monitor, predict and report on training requirements and compliance across all their locations. They required each of their locations to have the autonomy to control and deliver their own training, but there needed to be visibility at the global level. Servisair wanted to start slow, but they were also interested in finding a solution that could at some point be leveraged to deliver eLearning and online testing, and eventually be expanded into a full Quality Management System.


Intelex offered exactly what Servisair was looking for at that moment, and stood out from other suppliers because it was possible to start small and expand the system over time. Alternative providers required Servisair to purchase a full blown system up front, even if initially Servisair would only be using 10% of that solution.

With Intelex, Servisair would be paying for exactly what they were using, with the ability to easily add on to the solution as needed in the future. Within approximately a week of purchasing Intelex's software, Servisair had their first airport loaded into the system and was able to start seeing the benefits.

More than a year after the initial implementation, it was decided that an aircraft cleaning division should be added to the Intelex system as well. Intelex's user-friendly nature made it possible for a Servisair employee with average IT skills to import approximately 2,000 new employees at 24 different airports and their entire training history into the system independently and with relative ease. In mere days, this new department was up and running with Servisair's training system. 

Efficiency Gains

  • 100% global visibility into training performance and the resolution of any noncompliances
  • Simplified compliance with a variety of international, national and local requirements, including fire safety awareness training, dangerous goods by air training, and aviation security training
  • Significantly reduced risk and uncertainty associated with a lack of managerial visibility. Compliance level is better than it has ever been
  • Streamlined auditing process so that external auditors who once spent hours digging through information are now able to simply view a sample record
  • Realized significant time savings with the ability to quickly schedule and communicate training course times and locations. What once took a day now takes half an hour
  • Dave Rogers, Head of Training

    "Our industry is heavily regulated - compliance is mandatory and outstanding service is required 24/7. Because of Intelex we now have 100% visibility of our training compliance at every location, and as a result the level of non-compliance on mandatory subjects has fallen to almost nil."